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In this feature we bring recent photographs of maintenance staff working on the A320 in Australia. As you can see the A320 is not a small aircraft by any means.

Altrac is installed above the aircraft and therefore no components are attached to the surface of the A320. This is a threefold bonus -

  • The fall protection system does not have to be re-instated every time a different aircraft is placed in the hangar
  • No threat of damage is posed to the surface of the aircraft
  • Personnel have complete freedom of movement without having the lag of an attachment line

 Aircraft Fall Protection 01

This particular system currently accommodates 2 personnel for the fuselage section and 4 personnel for the wing sections thereby enabling access to all areas of the A320. In addtion Altrac may be upgraded if required to accommodate more users.

As Altrac is a free flowing, smooth running system maintenance is not hindered by personnel who are fatigued by the level of exertion placed upon their body to accommodate the dead weight of trailing lines and thus enables maintenance teams to work confidently and safely.



Aircraft Fall Protectrion 02A

This is just one system of many supplied to the aircraft industry. Altrac is manufactured from all Australian raw materials and is closely monitored for quality assurance and compliance with Australian Standards - which out perform those of EU Nations.

Aircraft Fall Protection 03A

If you would like to know more about other Bomac Altrac Systems applications please click here

All photographs courtesy Safemaster Height Safety



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