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Height Safety

Height Safety

  • You need a fall arrest system that will meet the safety standards

  • You want a product that is simple to install, use and maintain

  • You want a product that is aesthetically pleasing

Altrac is the ideal product for your fall arrest system


Altrac is used to create fall arrest systems for cleaning and installing windows, glass facades, glass features and other architectural elements. It is also used to construct height safety systems for maintaining large cranes and construction and mining trucks.


Safety in Action 2008


We will be displaying the Bomac Fall Arrest System at this years Safety in Action to be held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Southbank from 29 April - 1 May 2008

See it for yourself, speak to our engineers and let us help you provide a safe working environment for you and your employees.



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  Altrac is sold throughout Australia in Victoria (VIC) New South Wales (NSW) Queensland (QLD) South Australia (SA) Tasmania (TAS) Western Australia (WA) Northern Territory (NT). It is exported to New Zealand and to the United Kingdom and Europe. Please contact Bomac directly to enquire about suppliers in these locations.  
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