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Australian Standards AS1891 and Industrial Rope Access AS4488 apply to various height situations

Many states are getting serious about height safety requirements. For an example read this article from WorkSafe Victoria.

Bomac Engineers can help you determine the best solution for your height safety problems. Altrac lifelines can be used for many applications including:

  • washing windows on traditional multi-storey buildings
  • accessing glass and metal facades, canopies and louvres for maintenance, cleaning and installation
  • height safety when working on large items in factories
  • on-site maintenance of large trucks and equipment, particularly in the mining and construction industries
  • fall protection when accessing large cranes for maintenance and inspection

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Australian Safety Standard AS1891
Industrial Rope Access AS4488

AS1891 is the Australian Standards for Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices.

These standards take into account several factors:

  • Selection, use and maintenance
  • Safety belts and harnesses
  • Loads and deflection
  • Suspension trauma
  • Pendulum effects
  • Testing criteria
  • Service intervals and checks

The Bomac Altrac Fall arrest system exceeds the AS1891 and AS4488 criteria for fall arrest systems and complies with many foreign lifeline standards.

A fall can be one of several types:

  • Free Fall - Fall distance greater than 600mm.
  • Limited Free Fall - Fall distance will not exceed 600mm.
  • Restrained Fall - Falls where it is possible to walk without fall arrest assistance.
  • Total Restraint - A restraint physically preventing a fall or a position to fall from.

Depending on what type of fall is experienced some standards may be different or not apply at all.

For AS4488 Industrial Rope Access systems, two trolleys are required per person; one for the working line and one for the safety line.

When the fall clearance is less then 6.5m in most states, a rigid rail is recommended. Altrac meets these requirements and will not deflect if a fall does occur.

This is a very brief overview of the safety codes. For the full regulations, please consult the standards and also your state and local laws.


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